Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

The Espinosa Kearney Law Group offers a full array of legal services relating to development, and sale and purchase of both residential and commercial properties. At EKG, we assist in the purchase and sale of office buildings, apartment buildings, shopping centers, commercial and industrial use properties and other developed and undeveloped real property. Our litigation department zealously represents our clients’ interests in all types of real estate matters, including commercial and residential landlord-tenant litigation, disputes between cooperative corporations and tenant-shareholders and between unit owners and condominium associations, mortgage foreclosures, nuisance abatement actions, real estate ownership and partnership disputes, and sales contract disputes. EKG provides in-depth knowledge of the New York real estate landscape to walk our clients through the process of foreclosure. Because we represent both the real estate owners and the financial institutions in foreclosure actions, we are able to maximize our clients’ interests in areas such as:

Buying & Selling Property

As a full-service team, EKG handles complex real estate transactions from inception to completion, including high net worth sales, high-profile transfer of assets, and the acquisition and lease-back of corporate properties. Let our experienced team counsel you on an array of issues, from environmental and land use matters to construction contracting to buy, sell, and leasing real property. Moreover, our team can assist with all levels of debt and equity financings, joint ventures, and public-private partnerships, which includes great experience in all aspects of mortgage debt and loans.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Given the complexities of the deals and the parties jockeying for position, disputes are almost inevitable. At EKG, we have represented clients with respect to disputes surrounding everything from premier office buildings, restaurants and bars, and developments to condo and residential tenants. If a dispute does ensue, our team will explore alternatives to lengthy court proceedings, such as working closely with the parties to resolve the dispute, potentially salvage the relationship, and narrow the issues for litigation if necessary. When litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, EKG offers experienced attorneys who routinely appear in court, before regulatory agencies, and in mediation proceedings.

Property Foreclosures

Not all real estate transactions are successful. That is why at EKG, we advise lenders, borrowers, partners, landlords, tenants, and developers when a transaction goes bad. This will involve transactional, bankruptcy, tax, and litigation work. It will include loan modifications, foreclosures, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, discounted loan payoffs, loan forbearances, REO sales, joint venture modifications, buy/sells, forced sales, lease and development modifications, bankruptcies, receivership actions, and guarantee actions. EKG is a full service real estate law firm that is able to offer expertise in unsuccessful real estate transactions in today's environment.