Cannon C. Kearney

Managing Partner

Cannon C. Kearney’s legal background is eclectic as he is a former judge with the New York State Office of Fair Hearings, and former prosecutor with the New York State Liquor Authority. Cannon’s article, “Young Attorneys and Liquor Law,” was published by the New York State Bar. He has been mentored and taught by many top litigators, in many specific practices, throughout the United States. Cannon is the son of an attorney and educator, and his father’s family of eighteen (18) children from rural Arkansas (Gould) consists of eleven (11) attorneys, many of which have served or worked under the Honorable William “Bill” Clinton. Law is Mr. Kearney’s passion, and helping others maneuver the intricacies of the legal system is his life’s work.

Cannon is an experienced practitioner who keeps clients focused on what matters most – achievable results that puts clients in the best position possible to move forward with their lives. He enjoys working with opposing counsel to secure settlements that keep clients out of court and permits them the time necessary to build stronger families. Mr. Kearney knows that cases often change course during the litigation process. While a case may start out amicably, the client may need more aggressive representation if critical issues cannot be amicably resolved. Cannon is adept at recognizing the need to change course in a case, and to implement the changes necessary to protect his clients’ interests.

Mr. Kearney has built a strong reputation for being client-centric, treating every client the way he would want his relatives treated, and with an unyielding emphasis on alacrity and strategic execution. Cannon is committed to providing his clients with the education, structure, and support needed to navigate the complexities of the legal system. A hallmark of his practice is informing clients of their specific Road Map to help clients understand the steps involved in their cases. This not only enables clients to make informed choices during the process, but also gives them insight to help plan for their goals.